Migraine Quality of Life Questionnaire (MQoL)



To assess impairment of quality of life in the 24-hour period following the onset of a migraine headache in clinical trials

Targeted Population

  • Migraine Disorders

Copyright holder

Merck & Co., Inc., Rahway, NJ, USA


Original Language(s)

  • English for the USA

List of Translations


  • English for Australia
  • Dutch for Belgium (Flemish)
  • Swedish for Sweden
  • French for Canada
  • Italian for Italy
  • French for Belgium
  • French for France
  • English for the UK
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  • Spanish for Mexico
  • German for Germany
  • Spanish for Spain
  • Spanish for Colombia
  • Spanish for the USA
  • Danish for Denmark
  • Polish for Poland
  • Czech for Czech Republic
  • English for South Africa
  • Portuguese for Portugal
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  • Hungarian for Hungary
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  • Norwegian for Norway
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  • Latvian for Latvia
  • Spanish for Guatemala
  • Afrikaans for South Africa
  • Russian for Russia
  • Spanish for Argentina
  • Spanish for Venezuela
  • German for Switzerland
  • Icelandic for Iceland

Conditions of use

License agreement needed

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Hartmaier SL, Santanello NC, Epstein RS. Development of a brief 24-hour migraine-specific quality of life questionnaire. Headache. 1995 Jun;35(6):320-9.

Santanello NC, Hartmaier SL, Epstein RS. Validation of a new quality of life questionnaire for acute migraine headache. Headache. 1995 Jun;35(6):330-7.

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